Planetary Agenda

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— ON SALE FOR THE SPRING EQUINOX — Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, it's time to get planning, dreaming & creating.

This book follows the construct of time, but use it as you see fit. We begin with March, as the Spring Equinox arrives, bringing rebirth. Fill this book with your deepest thoughts and dreams of what is already coming to you. The power of the spoken & written word is important to keep in mind here — set clear intentions. Connect and align with the energies of each planetary month to pull inspiration and magic from each to create. Create balance and organization in your earthly life, and within your energetic eternal higher self. The duality of both can live here in harmony. You are the creator of your own reality. You are a limitless being.

—540 pages
—Comes in three colors, Lilac, Moon & Raven
—Designed for any calendar year on Earth
—Follows nature and the movements of the astrological planets
—Start-of-month manifestation writing & visualization doodle prompts
—End-of-month reflecting prompts
—Enjoy organizing your existence by Month, Week & Day